Bringing back the Freelance!


Over the past oh let’s say two years I have been rather proactive about saying no to freelance work. I’ve been busy with a few things, last October I was getting married so the months leading up to that lovely occasion were full of planning, designing, ensuring said designs were printed correctly, etc etc

Along with the wedding I started a new job late February 2012 with √úbermind (Deloitte Digital) so that soaked up more time than I imagined it would, but for the better I would say. Sprinkled in through that we moved, got a new puppy, and with the little time we had left we tried to just enjoy life. Now granted that may not sound like a lot was going on but those are just the “high level” events.

What brings me back to wanting to freelance? This has a rather simple answer, I don’t want my creative life to be consumed in my job. I want to stretch my legs, try new things, succeed, and fail, all on my own (not saying I don’t do really cool sh*t at work). Honestly after looking back at some of the side projects that I had turned down I’m a little bummed I did so. They had potential, but I had the blinders up and had tunnel vision on my career. Anything coming in from the side as far as work I let fall behind me and I have missed some cool opportunities. With that being said I think that the industry I am in is all about opportunities and missed ones can cost you a great chance at bettering yourself and your career. This decision isn’t about bettering my career, I love the people I work with, but it’s always nice to be able to put some awesome work in your portfolio from side projects. This is about having some fun, doing some cool sh*t, and honestly pushing myself. I look at the little projects I do on the side, my icons or illustrations and those push me, they make me work on something I’m honestly not good at. I was never the illustrator but the more I do it the more comfortable I get with it. That’s what I want out of freelancing again, I want to grow as a designer.

Now that I’m again “open for business” that doesn’t mean I’m looking for the $50 logo design or $500 and I will make you a logo, print collateral, website, and shit why not free updates for a year (I’m still going to be rather selective). I want to get on projects that will be fun and challenging, plain and simple.

With all of that said, Let the fun begin! If you have that project that you think will be the fun challenging one head on over to my Project Quote page.


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